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Purchasing and Construction

SCC Purchasing/Procurement Office

Doing Business with SCC: New Vendors

Forms for new vendors conducting business with SCC 

Procurement Services

The Procurement Department, under the supervision of the Director of Procurement and in accordance with the South Carolina Consolidated Procurement Code and Regulations has the exclusive responsibility for supporting the educational mission of the College by procuring the materials, supplies, equipment and services in the most efficient and responsible manner possible.

Certification and Authority

In accordance with State Budget and Control Board Regulation 19-445.2005 (A)(1), the following personnel are authorized procurement officers of Spartanburg Community College for the following:

Supplies and Services:  $225,000
Information Technology:  $225,000
Construction:  $250,000
Construction Change Order:  $50,000
Architect / Engineer (contract amendment):  $10,000

Notice to Vendors

Suppliers are herein notified that no purchases are made by the College from any supplier unless it is made through the Spartanburg Community College (SCC) Procurement Department. Suppliers that make direct contact with SCC faculty and staff members (outside the Procurement Department) for the purpose of placing orders (verbally or otherwise) do so at their own risk. SCC does not recognize and accepts no obligation to pay for any such unauthorized purchases or commitments. The SCC Procurement Department is solely authorized to issue purchase orders and legally bind the College to the purchase of any equipment, supplies and services