It's Back! Welcome to SCC's Live to Chase Initiative!


Over the past thirty years, college tuition costs have more than tripled, leading to a staggering $1.75 trillion in student loan debt burdening the American economy. The "Live to Chase Initiative" by SCC aims to alleviate this burden by empowering our communities to "Dream It, Chase It, and Live It." For the 2024-2025 academic year, SCC will offer full tuition scholarships for its over 70 academic programs, making higher education accessible to everyone.


SCC's President, Dr. Michael Mikota, was thrilled with the announcement, stating, "Full tuition scholarships are back for the 2024-2025 academic year!  Our Live to Chase initiative at Spartanburg Community College has had a tremendous generational impact on the citizens of our region and South Carolina as a whole and we are proud to double down again for our students and the communities we serve!” said Dr. Michael Mikota, President of SCC. “As many colleges continue to increase tuition and fees we are going against the grain and leading, as Chasers do, to provide an unmatched level of quality, affordability, accessibility, and return on investment.  This is an economic investment for our students and their families, and it is a workforce investment for our communities. The talent that we are uniquely cultivating today will originate a new dawn of achievement and prosperity for our region and state for many years to come.”


WHO is eligible for the Live to Chase Initiative at SCC?

  • All college-eligible students who either live or work full-time in South Carolina and enroll in one of SCC’s more than 70 different programs of study that lead to the awarding of either a certificate or degree for a minimum of six credit hours are eligible for full tuition scholarships through SCC’s Live to Chase Initiative.
  • Students must maintain continuous enrollment (fall-spring) and a minimum 2.2 GPA.
  • Full tuition scholarships will not cover developmental courses after 30 or more attempted hours.
  • Apply early! The funds are first come, first served. The earlier you apply and register, the better!


WHAT does the Live to Chase Initiative cover?


  • Covers tuition only for SCC academic (credit) program offerings so long as all eligibility requirements have been met (see above).
  • Covers any remaining tuition balance after any financial aid grants and scholarships the student may have been awarded are applied.
  • Does not cover books, supplies, fees, living expenses, etc. Students are responsible for any program-specific fees, including but not limited to: distance learning/hybrid distance learning fees, lab fees, and any other non-academic assessed fees.

HOW do I qualify for full tuition scholarships?


  • Students must complete a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), provide the appropriate documents needed to complete steps to determine grant eligibility, and have exhausted all other grants, aid, scholarships, etc.
  • Students in a current default or overpayment status with federal aid are not eligible for free tuition until their status is cleared.
  • Assistance may include but is not limited to grants (Federal Pell Grants, Federal Supplemental Opportunity Grant, S.C. Needs-Based Grant); and scholarships, SC Lottery Tuition Assistance Program (LTAP), etc.
  • If you've already applied for the fall 2024 term, you do NOT need to reapply. Please be sure your 2024 FAFSA has been completed.
  • Apply early! The funds are first come, first served. The earlier you register, the better!


Already a student?

If you are a current student or have applied within the last year, there is no need to submit a new application. You just need to register for classes (if you have not done so) and complete the 2024-2025 FAFSA.


New to SCC?

Make sure you have completed your 2024-2025 FAFSA, and then you can begin by filling our an application (also free!).




Questions? Call Admissions at (864) 592-4800 or email us at