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Campus Police and Security

When you're on campus at SCC, you can have peace of mind that campus police are working to keep you safe.

The Spartanburg Community College Campus Police Department employs full-time officers, who are graduates of the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy, and commissioned as state constables. Campus security is contracted to an outside security agency, which provides the college with on-campus security 24 hours a day. All security officers are registered with the S.C. Law Enforcement Division and are authorized by South Carolina law (Title 40, Chapter 17) to arrest anyone violating the state's laws. 

The Campus Police and Security departments are visible on campus as officers patrol on foot and in marked vehicles around the clock. Officers are responsible for a full-range of services, including all on-campus crime reports and investigations, crime prevention programs, traffic accident reports and emergency medical responses. All Campus Police and Security officers are certified in first aid and CPR. While on duty, all officers are equipped with radio-telephones, which allows them direct contact with everyone on the campus, as well as county police, fire, rescue and EMS units.

A total of 15 officers patrol SCC campuses, including outsourced security personnel.

Important SCC Safety Information

SCC Crime Statistics (Clery Act)
S.C. database of sex offenders

SCC Safety Shield iconAssuring the safety and well being of students, faculty, staff and visitors on campus is a primary commitment of Spartanburg Community College. In conjunction with the Division of Student Services, the Spartanburg Community College Campus Police Department has instituted an array of safety measures and programs to deal with issues of crime and personal security.

Stay Informed With Alerts 

For alerts and updates, check this website.

SCC students, faculty and staff are alerted through a college-wide notification system using the contact information you provide in your account. This includes phone calls, texts (to text-capable mobile phones) and emails. You can manage your contact information or add others to your alert list (such as parents) in your MySCC Portal Self Service account.



Emergency Response at SCC

 In the event of an emergency at or near one of the campuses of SCC, SCC personnel follows procedures in the SCC Emergency Response Guide.

While no plan can cover every possible situation or emergency, this guide describes basic actions necessary to protect people and property and and directs SCC response in coordination with local emergency response agencies. Specifically, this guide outlines emergency management actions and resources for responding to issues including:

  • Accidents
  • Violence (including active shooter)
  • Severe weather (including tornadoes)
  • Fire and other evacuations
  • Psychological crises
  • Power or gas outages



View or Download the SCC Emergency Response Guide (PDF)


Visit the U.S. Department of Education Campus Safety and Security Report