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Student Engagement and Support


It's Essential for Your Success!

At Spartanburg Community College, we don't just value the success of our students. We also care deeply about ensuring your personal health and wellness and that help is always available for anyone who needs it. 

When it comes to creating a comfortable and enjoyable space during your time as a Chaser, SCC has two teams to help make that happen: Student Success and Student Engagement

Student Success

We're here to build you up both academically and socially! For your well-being, we value the connections students can make both inside and out of the classroom. If you need financial assistance with books, child-care, educational supplies or city transportation, contact our AIM Center

When it comes to your education, we're happy to offer you a wide array of resources to help ensure you a brighter academic future. 

Individual Support

While your academic journey is very important to us, we take your health, both physical and mental, very seriously. If you ever need someone to talk to or are concerned about food insecurity, SCC is always here to support you as best we can. We don't just chase success, but a healthy lifestyle as well. 

Student Engagement

It can be tough juggling school, homework, and a full-time job while still leaving time for yourself as a student. Beyond the necessities of Student Success, Student Engagement and Student Life are here to put the Fun in Fundamentals. If you're interested in campus activities outside of the classroom or lending a helping hand with community service, then visit our Student Life page for more information. 


Making new friends in college can be hard, but luckily SCC offers so many fun events to share with new and old friends. From our Faculty and Staff vs. Students basketball game to our Late-Night Breakfast during exams, there's always something fun to do and people to meet when you're a Chaser! More recently, our students have really enjoyed our Fishing club and an eSports club, Gospel choir, and Athletics program are all currently in development!