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SCC Scholarships


Application for SCC Scholarships


Scholarships are gifts that do not require repayment. They can be awarded based on various criteria such as academics, your hometown, gender, ethnicity or program of study. Some scholarships are renewable from year to year.  All academic scholarships are administered through the Spartanburg Community College Foundation and the SCC Financial Aid Office.  Recipients are selected by the Spartanburg Community College Scholarship Committee (except in the case where an established set of guidelines provide for a special selection committee).

To apply, fill and submit the following form.  


SCC Foundation Scholarships

The Spartanburg Community College Foundation's primary function is to provide financial assistance to SCC students in the form of scholarships and emergency assistance funds.

Our scholarship application is open from January 2 - April 15 each year.   


Community Scholarships

These scholarships are awarded from organizations outside of Spartanburg Community Collegeand have separate applications. If awarded, these scholarships are administered through SCC's Business Office.


Emergency and Book Funds

We have four types of emergency assistance for students who find themselves in financial hardship for reasons beyong their control (found in the links below).  Please feel free to contact our office if you have questions.

Emergency funds are not awarded during the summer semester without a recommendation from a faculty member or a Success Coach.


Book/materials assistance is restricted to summer courses rquired by your program of study.  AA and AS programs do not require summer classes.  Book assitnance will still be available to students who live in Cherokee County, through the Rufus H. Foster Cherokee Book Book Fund.

If you find you don't qualify for the funds available through the SCC Foundation, the AIM Center may be an option for financial assistance.




For Currently Enrolled Students:


John and Putsy Wardlaw Student Emergency Fund Request

Current students who find themselves in a difficult financial situation at SCC may seek relief through.

SCC's Emergency Fund Request. Based on specific hardship circumstances and available funds (up to $500) we will make every effort to assist a student with one-time emergency needs through a designated SCC Foundation fund.  Click Here to complete the online application.


Sherry Vaughn Book Fund Request

There are times when students find themselves in a difficult financial situation and seek relief through the

SCC Foundation (SCCF).  Over the years, SCC Foundation has raised private dollars to create a specific fund

designated to assist students with the cost of textbooks that

are purchased through the Book Inn, SCC campus bookstore in the amount up to 85% of total book cost, not to exceed $500.  If you are a SCC student who is requesting financial support to purchase textbooks, Click Here to complete the online application. 


Fill the Backpack Fund

This fund is to assist first-time or returning (three or more semesters) currently enrolled SCC students with the purchase of instructional materials (books, uniforms, laptops, and/or tools) from the campus bookstore, The Book Inn.

To be considered for these funds, the student must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credit hours, completed FASFA, demonstrate financial need and complete an online application. If approved, the SCC Foundation will cover 85% of the cost while the student will be responsible for 15%. Request is not to exceed $500.

The Award Committee will make every effort to assist a student with one-time request per academic year. Funds are made available through the SCC Foundation.

NOTE: This fund has a limit of up to $500 and ONLY pays up to 85% of the total cost for instructional materials. The student is responsible for a minimum of 15% or more of the total cost. 

If you are a first time or returning student currently enrolled at SCC.


Rufus H. Foster Book Fund

Do you live in Cherokee County? Need help funding your instructional supplies and materials? The Rufus H. Foster, Jr. Instructional Supplies and Materials Fund may be right for you!